Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna: In a relationship


A source very dear to Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna recently confirmed that the two are now in a “relationship”.

In an article posted by columnist Ricky Lo, Vic and Pauleenare now “officiallyan item as confirmed to Funfare by somebody close to them”.

The alleged relationship of the two received different reactions from showbiz watchers – some aren’t pleased while most are just ok with it despite Vic’s age gap to Pauleen.

One fan responded: “Either fame or money. Look at Vic’s face. He looks gurang na! If you’re young and pretty, will you fall for this old man when there are lots of good looking young guys running after you? Oh come on aPuline!”

Pauleen later tweeted hours after the news, probably in an answer to skeptics’ reaction.

we all have the right to love and be loved. Whatever choice we make in life, people will always say something

Well, that sounded like Pauleen is confirming the news as well.

While this news is somewhat surprising, is this GMA-7′s way of protecting one of their talent, Rhian Ramos, from the controversies where she is currently involved by diverting people’s attention to this new buzz?

Update: In an interview by TV Patrol’s Ms. Korina Sanchez (on today’s episode 12/8/2011) about Vic Sotto’s upcoming movie with Ai Ai Delas Alas, Vic jokingly says that the rumors about his relationship with Pauleen were indeed true.

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