Sen. Ping Lacson Denies Jeric’s relationship with Rhian Ramos


Netizens and especially showbiz watchers were a bit shocked when a DWIZ reporter, Cely Ortega, reported that Senator Ping Lacson allegedly confirmed that his son Jeric Lacson is in a relationship with actress Rhian Ramos who’s recently involved in a controversial leaked video by his ex boyfriend DJ Mo Twister.

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But Senator Ping Lacson later denied that his son Jeric and Rhian are in a romantic relationship. According to a report by Pia Guanio’s “24 Oras” December 13 episode, Sen. Lacson reportedly says that Rhian and his son are just good friends, contrary to what we heard in a report last Tuesday.

Mo Twister hasn’t showed any signs of reactions of some sort to this news but according to, Mo once reportedly admitted that he and Rhian are now seeing other people.

“I am happily dating someone new, as Rhian is,” says Mo Twister in an email he submitted to last December 8.

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