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Potion iVi Collagen Powder Drink brings out the glow in your skin


More and more anti-aging supplements are being introduced these days which promises good results and lasting effect.  Not known to all of us, these supplements aren’t created so equal.

There are multiple factors that can trigger aging. One of them is lack of Collagen. Collagen is a main structural protein mainly found in our bodies. More than 80% of our skin is made up of collagen. But as we age and reach our 20s, the collagen in our body eventually depletes due to external factors such as sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol and pollutants.

We were recently invited by Dr. Raquel Marfordi David, iVi Ryo Corp’s Medical Director to formally introduce this new technology that was developed in Japan. Dr. David explained that one way to rejuvenate the skin back is to stimulate new collagen development that is called Neocollagenesis.


Neocollagenesis is the new collagen technology that was developed by experts from Japan. They discovered that taking collagen mixture orally is one most effective way to replenish lost collagen in our body and help retain the skin’s elasticity, strength and firmness.

“iVi Premium Collagen Powder Drink or the “Potion iVi” effectively rejuvenates our skin by providing enough collagen needed by our body. One sachet contains 5000mg of pure marine collagen and other essential vitamins which mainly encourage skin renewal.” says Dr. David. iVi Premium Collagen Powder Drink is water-soluble and is safe for daily intake. It can also be safely added to any preferred beverages.

Dr. David also compared the Potion iVi to other anti aging agents such as creams and capsules. “It would be much easier to notice the desired results when you are taking the supplement orally. Our skin is made up of multiple layers so putting up a cream can just prolong the desired results.”

We were also given samples to try the product ourselves for 14 days and we’ll get back to you to give our feedback as soon as the trial period ends so stay subscribed!

Potion iVi Premium Collagen Powder Drink is already available at all Watson’s health and wellness shop at an SRP of Php1595 per box of 14 sachets or 115 per sachets.

For inquiries you may like Potion iVi’s Facebook fan page or call/text their hotline number at 0917-8800-iVi (484). You can also visit their website at http://www.ivi.com.ph



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  1. Rmiguel says:

    Nice article! I’d like to try it out myself too!

  2. curlie newton says:

    i used it

  3. asset mangalus says:

    is it okey? if i drink ivi powder collagen twice a day, is there any development in this, and i have psoriasis is this safe.


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